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1-BPaaS Design


1-BPaaS Design

Business Process Management - The Design

Service provisioning in a digital world is both an opportunity and a challenge for the public and the private sector to innovate service delivery models, embracing creative disruption from technology, and adopting an attitude of experimentation and entrepreneurship. In particular, we see that service offerings are offerings become digital relying on technologies such as big data, open data, cloud computing, mobile technologies, robotics, IoT, social networks. In addition, digital services appear, which us understood as service deliveries that rely significantly on data processing, such as services requiring data, services generating data as well as services processing. Hence, data became a critical raw material independent if IT services use data to compute the service results, or human services - having the human interaction in focus - need data to prepare, support or evolve the provision of a service.

The business processes describe the service and hence enable the management and the digitalization of services. Outsourcing parts or the whole business process into the cloud is considered as Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), where the business process and the necessary technical description, which are enriched during the process of digitalization, are packaged in a BPaaS bundle and offered in the cloud.

The challenge is to align the business processes with the cloud-based IT, and to decide how to digitalize parts or the whole business processes in order to become IT-supported workflows. In the following a sample business process called “sending an invoice to a customer” (Fig1) is used to elaborate how business processes can be digitalized and how they can be transformed into the cloud.

Our approach for the digitalization is to use concept and semantic models that enable the knowledge externalization from domain experts and enables the application of smart mechanisms using semantic technology for aligning cloud-based ICT solutions.

The H2020 EU project CloudSocket investigates the challenge of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), that enables the description of a service on several layers to finally bridge the semantic distance form domain experts to operating cloud infrastructure.


BPaaS Design - Trainer Template
BPaaS Design - Slides
Video: Check Cloud Readiness
Video - Map Cloud Offerings to BP
Video - Simulate Costs of BP
Video - Formal Verification for Wf
Video - Marketplace
Deliverable 3.1 Modelling Framework for BPaaS
Deliverable 3.2 Modelling Prototypes for BPaaS
Deliverable 4.5 Final CloudSocket Architecture
Deliverable 4.6 Final BPaaS Design and EvaluationEnvironment
Demonstration - Vienna, July, 2017
Demonstration - Florence, Oct, 2017
Innovation Item 1.1 Semantic Modeller
Innovation Item 1.2 Context-Adaptive Questionnaire for Business and IT Alignment
Innovation Item 1.3 DMN-based Ontology Query
Innovation Item 1.4 DMN and BPMN Prototype
Innovation Item 1.5 BPaaS Design Environment - Prototype


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