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1.1 BPaaS Semantic Modeler


1.1 BPaaS Semantic Modeler


Cloud brokers should be supported to model both business process requirements and workflow/cloud servies descriptions.


The BPaaS Semantic Modeler supports the semantic lifting of graphical models. It is built on top of ADOxx.
It includes the BPaaS Ontology and the Modeling Ontology Connector. The BPaaS ontology determines the semantics of the modeling language.
With the Modeling Ontology Connector a business processes and workflows can be annotated with the classes and instances of the BPaaS ontology.
The Cloud broker or semantic modeler can be used for any project, where humans use graphical models to describe a situation and where the models are interpreted by machines for automated decision making and reasoning.

Steps to use the BPaaS Semantic Modeler solution

1) In one click the broker or modeler connects ADOxx to the BPaaS-Annotation-WebService through the Modeling Ontology Connector.

2) The broker uses the BPaaS Modeling Library in ADOxx to model domain specific business processes and to specify the related functional and non functional requirements.
The cloud broker from the marketplace (who has technical knowledge) also uses the BPaaS Modeling Library in ADOxx to model workflows and related specifications.
A worklfow can relate to a cloud service or an orchestration of several cloud services.




BPaaS Semantic Modeler
Semantic Lifting and Matcher


CloudSocket D3.1 BPaas Design Environment Research
Modelling Library

Additional Information

Originator: Knut Hinkelmann (FHNW)
Technology Readiness Level: 5
Related CloudSocket Environment: Design