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Adonis #

Adonis provides a BPM suite for modelling business processes, organisational structures and responsibilities. It supports open interfaces like XPDL, BPEL / WSDL, XML and integrates providers of standard software (IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Tibco, etc.).

ADOxx #

ADOxx is a Meta Modelling development and configuration platform for implementing modelling methods. It supports various modelling languages like BPMN, OWL, UML or ER. 

yourBPM #

yourBPM offers an 'abstraction' layer to close the gap between the existing heavyweight enterprise services and the end-user designed composite processes. 

jBPM #

jBPM is a Java based BPM suite supporting design, execution and monitoring of business processes modelled in BPMN 2. 

Activiti #

Activiti is a light-weight workflow and BPM Platform targeted at business people, developers and system admins. The core of Activiti is a lightweight BPMN 2 process engine written in Java. 

Bonita BPM #

Bonita BPM is a BPM suite consisting of three components: Bonita Studio for modelling processes following BPMN, Bonita BPM Engine to interact with the processes through a Java API and Bonita Portal to show the End-User the current state of the business process.

AristaFlow #

AristaFlow offers a BPM suite to control every lifecycle of the process, e.g.g process modelling, oranisation modelling or process monitoring. The AristaFlow suite is based on Java and the Eclipse framework.  

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