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Cloud Socket Broker

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CloudSocket Idea

The project aims to encompass a "hybrid process" modelling framework that reconciliates semantic inference, rule-based inference, meta-modelling management techniques and knowledge management techniques in order to bring SMEs closer to the Cloud by making it attractive for them to incorporate cloud resources and components for their realization of their goals.

A Knowledge-Based Approach
For bridging the gap between the business and IT level, providing input from monitoring procedures and other type of evaluation suggestions to be used at business level.
Business Processes in the Cloud
To deal with their management and deployment through defining and executing self-adaptive workflows in multi-cloud environments.
Substanstial SME support
Providing business solutions to the SME market in an open and interoperable way; as a business evolves, the respective IT services will be flexibly adapted.

CloudSocket Results

CloudSocket Innovation Shop

The innovation shopcontains software prototypes, concepts and tools that have been realized in the project to support and integrate the BPaaS idea.

CloudSocket Tools

The tools section contains software prototypes and tools that are useful not only when implementing a CloudSocket Broker but also span across the lifespan of a Business Process (BP) and integrate seamlessly in a BP's lifecycle (execution, design, allocation & evaluation activity).

Training Portal

Training material provides material to faciliate the uptake of tools and concept in your organisation.

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It is in our purpose to keep up with the industry and academic events which is why we, periodically, participate to conferences, exhibitions and gatherings, in order to make sure that our work is aligned with customer needs and market trends. Also, we invite all interested to know more about our project to attend our monthly webinars.