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Use Case Analysis and Evaluation Criteria Specification

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This wiki is used to perform the use case analysis and specification of evaluation criteria within the project. The wiki is used as a collaborative space to support interaction with all partners and stakeholders and provide means for traceability and "revision safety". The input for these pages has been initially discussed and elaborated together with the pilot partners BWCON and MATHEMA in two on-site meetings [1], [2]. In the wiki the terms "application scenario", "pilot scenario" and "business episodes" are used synonmously for "use case".

Approach used to develop the use cases

Use Cases

The following image provides an overview on the collected use cases and their relation to the pilot partner organisation. Further details are provided for each case in accordance with the description framework.

Business Incubator (BWCON):

BWCON's case relates to supporting founders and startups with technolgy supporting novel business models. Validation of the technology is performed by identifying representing cases from the founders in focus of BWCON.

Cluster Business Process Broker (MATHEMA):

The overarching "theme" of the cases relate to the SMEs in the regional context of tuscany, all related to the ICT/Robotics cluster setup. Further details on the cluster are available online at (Italian). MATHEMA acts as a cloud-broker in the project to support the cluster members individually and also in combinations (teams, consortia) in getting ready for cloud services.

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