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BPM Users Roles

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BPM Users and Roles #

Process Owner #

The process owner is responsible for a goal-oriented, strategic control of a process. The main tasks are the strategic alignment of his process with other processes of the company and the selection of sustainable indicators for measuring the success of the process performance. He coordinates all resources required for process execution and control. Main tasks of the process owners include, among others

Process Manager #

The Process Manager supports the process owner during the operational execution of the process. In corporate life, he is often responsible for the operational management of the process.

Business Process Modeller #

Experienced in interviewing business staff and in building models and identifying problems in collaboration with the people they interview.  This is an entry level role in the BPM CoE and this person will be expected to know major BPM concepts, basic IT application capability concepts and business operating concepts (the various business functions in a company and how they work together).

Process Participants #

Process participants are involved in the execution of a specific process. They implement a goal-oriented process performance. Therefore, process participants need a basic understanding of process management as a method and the specific requirements for the operational execution of their individual process steps. In addition, this role lives the process-oriented thinking and working and thereby implements value and customer orientation.

BPMS Developer #

This is a BPMS technician who understands the BPMS tool suite that you have licensed and how to tie data schema’s, rule, internal databases, etc. to set up and use the modeling tools. This person must also understand how the BPMS can be used and what it can and cannot do so he or she can help the business analysts and modelers to resolve use issue. The BPMS Developer must know how to define and code rules, how to convert and use business models to generation applications in the BPMS and how to interface to legacy data and applications.  And, they must know when to define external Java module use and how to tie in web services.

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