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1.6 Cloud-Readiness Checker


1.6 Cloud-Readiness Checker


SMEs that lack of IT expertise typically struggle to assess their cloud readiness.
There is the need to reduce the entry barrier of those and to provide initial guidance for the digital transformation process.


The Cloud-Readiness Checker provides assessment and guidance for self-check their readiness, where companies can analyse their business processes using questionnaires and deriving to derive business process maturity indicators for cloud and forecasting readiness using visualisation and simulation techniques. This establishes an indication, if this business process should be changed to run within the Cloud or should be left as it currently is, providing recommendations for update and re-design.


Steps to use the Cloud-Readiness Checker solution (source: https://www.cloudsocket.eu/transformation/#):

The user interface of the prototype provides access on a personalized level to running/completed assessments.
The basic user interface functionality is introduced below.

1. Assessment Processes: the user can select from available guidance processes. The framework has
been developed to support adaptation of the guidance process to different situations and backgrounds.

2. Assessment Instances: The panel below enables the selection of running/completed assessments.
Assessments are colour coded.

3. Login/Personalization: it is possible to login using a valid email address. All assessments created are
then assigned to the login and only available after login. In case of anonymous use, all assessments are
publicly available (also for further assessment and interaction).

4. Select “Cloud Readiness Assessment” from the “Assessments” panel. To start an assessment, click on
“Start assessment” in the action panel. A new assessment instance is
added and shown in the “Active Assessments” panel. Then click  To continue a
running assessment select the instance from the “Active Assessments” panel.

5.Using the action panel, the user can navigate through the phases of the assessment.

6. The active steps are enabled and accessible, showing further details. In-active steps are greyed out.

7. Assessment service actions are available within active tasks (in Figure 5, “Start AS-IS Collection”)
The results and the states of each step is persisted within the instance. This allows the user to re-visit an active
assessment at any time. In case an assessment instance is finalized (Status: ENDED), only the final step is


Cloud-Readiness Checker



Additional Information

Originator: Knut Hinkelmann (FHNW)
Technology Readiness Level: 6
Related CloudSocket Environment: Design