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The BPaaS Design Environment provides appropriate conceptual modelling tools for (a) designing domain specific business processes, (b) executable workflows, (c) additional description and rules for deployment as well as (d) Key Performance Indicators.

In order to provide those different modelling tools within one environment, a meta modelling platform is used that enables the plug-in of different modelling aspects. For BPaaS the aforementioned different modelling approaches correspond to the first two business process layers – the (I) domain specific business process as well as the (II) executable workflows – and the alignment from the business to the technical layer.

Hence the meta modelling platform enables to keep all models in one repository and the interaction between the different layers via so-called model weaving and semantic lifting.

The BPaaS Design Environment consists of:

  • A meta modelling platform that provides a BPaaS model repository for all its models, the corresponding management and security infrastructure and a development environment that enables the implementation of modelling components.
  • BPaaS modelling components are distinguished by their modelling languages – which are implementations of standards like BPMN, DMN, or RDF – as well as modelling features such as user interaction and model processing. Hence the domain specific business process modeller and the executable workflow modeller are both such a meta modelling component.
  • The corresponding Web-GUI realizes the user interaction features, to manipulate a model.
  • Interfaces enable the access to the BPaaS Design Environment in particular to the BPaaS model repository, which consists of domain specific business process models, executable workflow models, additional business requirement models and KPI models. This interaction can rely on standard features such as BPMN export / import or on implemented proprietary exchange formats.

Architecture design

The architectural design is available in D4.1 (available here). All UML diagrams and artifacts can be accessed online here.


Installation manual



Test Cases

User Manual

API specification


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