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The CloudSocket is a software platform that supports Business Process as a Service (BPMSaaS) and enables BPaaS.

A Cloud Provider that offers the CloudSocket service runs a CloudSocket Instance and is called CloudSocket Provider. From a functional point of view, CloudSocket is equipped with a Business Process Marketplace (Design Repository) that provides access to existing pre-defined business processes as well as to implementations thereof.

CloudSocket Process Levels

CloudSocket defines several types of processes that are elaborated on a separate page.

CloudSocket Suite

The CloudSocket platform consists of four key environments: design, allocation, execution, evaluation that are discussed in more detail in the following sub-pages.. 

CloudSocket Instance

An installation of the CloudSocket software platform (i.e. of its four independent and interoperable components) on a given infrastructure operated and managed by a CloudSocket Provider. One installation of CloudSocket not necessarily consists of all four software components; some may be missing, as they are not needed and some may have been replaced by custom components with the same interfaces. Finally, some CloudSocket providers may focus on one part of the platform (e.g. design) while others focus on execution and evaluation; and there may exist contracts between these providers.

CloudSocket Marketplace

Repository of Executable Business Process Models populated and maintained by the Marketplace Modeller. As this part of CloudSocket becomes more important for the interplay of all environment, it was decided to have this as an own environment, close to the BPaaS Execution Environment, as it holds the registry for service and its meta-information any service level and granularity. See more here.

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