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This wiki is intended to create a common technical understanding of  Business Process as a Service and CloudSocket in particular. It's main purpose is to collect, describe and explain the used concepts not only for the consortium members but also for other cooperative projects. In particular, it functions as a references to the project terminology that is used in all project documents such as deliverables, but also the website and marketing material. There exist two navigation paths through this wiki. The first one takes Terminology, Tools, Technologies, and Users/Roles as a first level separator. The second path follows a taxonomy that captures the technological background of the project ranging from Business Process Management (BPM) to cloud systems, but also incorporates new terms coined by the project.

For quick access to individual terms use the Glossary page.

The references page lists all references that were used to emerge this wiki.

Domain-oriented Access to Content


The domain-oriented approach structures the content according to the four main entities:

  1. Terminology (objects)
  2. Users and Roles (subjects)
  3. Models and Technologies 
  4. Tools

Taxonomy-oriented Access to Content


The taxonomy-oriented approach structures the content according to a Taxonomy that was created for the projects and that builds on background work, but also incorporates aspects specific to CloudSocket and Business-Process-as-a-Service.

involved persons (roles), and technical requirements/constraints.

In all cases, we strictly separate the **use** of the platform from the technical concepts that **realise** its functionality.

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