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Cloud Provider Engine Component

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We use the Cloudiator framework for deploying applications in the Cloud, which is orchestrated by an CAMEL-to-Colosseum-adapter that gets involved when calling the Execution Environment Entrypoint.


This is the entrypoint and API of the Cloudiator suite.


This component handles aggregation of monitoring data and scaling with respect to scaling rules defined in Colosseum


Lance is the life-cycle agent that gets installed on every machine and handles the orchestration of component instances and the execution of their respective life-cycle actions.


Visor is the monitoring agent installed on every machine and capable of executing probes.


Sword is an abstraction-layer heavily based on jclouds to access each and any cloud infrastructure in a normalized way.

Adaptation Management

The Adaptation Management is the first implementation of the CAMEL-specific enhancements towards describing more complex adaptation plans.

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