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Common Technical Understanding of Business Process as a Service

The task of this Wiki is to offer a BPaaS taxonomy as well as an explanation of background material in order to create a common understanding with respect to technical realisation for business process as a service in the cloud. In order to achive this goals the following Wikis should be created:

Business-process and IT alignmentBPaaS taxonomy

The topics of this Wiki adress four communities:

the businessprocess management community addressing BPaaS - Design by providing definitions, standards tools, approaches and samples. Business and IT alignment aspects are considered via semantic lifting of business process models, ITinfrastructure model, workflow models and cloud service component modelsfor the BPaaS Allocation a modeldriven approach in order to create BPaaS Cloudlets is described by elaborating the use of UML concept models, semantics and smart mechanisms to check the consistency and correctness. for the BPaaS execution the workflow and SOA community providers the computer orchestration view point with standards and tools. Multi-cloud access and the service management across several cloud-infrastructures are described and approaches are pointed out the BPaaS Evaluation Environment defines how QoS and SLA need to be lifted to QoBP and how meta model extractioncan be used for process monitoring in a multi-Cloud environment.

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