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Service-level agreement

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SLA agreement: how to manage the SLA in the Business Processes as a Services, which are composed by more than a service?. Do we want to create single agreement with the consumer (aggregated service)? If the broker provides only an agreement with the customers, we have two levels of agreements i) between end-user (role of consumer) and the business process broker (role of service provider) ii) between the business process broker (role of consumer) and the Cloud service provider (role of service provider). If the end-users don’t interact with the real cloud service provider, and only interact with the broker, we will need to consider legacy issues and not only technical approach.

In the DoW, we can see this: “The composed services should appears as a single service to enact and execute the processes based on the given QoS. SLA and monitoring of the entire workflow with the possibility to drill down to specific service if needed.”

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