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Quality of Service

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Service Quality metrics allow to measure the quality of the service. They should be collected by the monitoring (we only can include here what we can measure) and the Sla will analyze them to raise the violation of the guaranty terms defined. They should be defined as practical and useful metrics to determinate the quality


FORTH can contribute to the definitions of terms through a specific reference model for quality of services. This model includes a set of quality attributes that can be used in specifying SLOs for services. For each attribute, a formal definition is given & a set of metrics through which you can measure it. The article is the following: Kyriakos Kritikos, Dimitris Plexousakis: Requirements for QoS-Based Web Service Description and Discovery. IEEE T. Services Computing 2(4): 320-337 (2009)

In the context of the S-Cube European project, a knowledge model has been produced which can be accessed at: There you can find formal definitions of terms at different levels (infrastructure, service composition and business process management) of abstraction. In addition, there is a quality reference model that is a superset of the one proposed in the above paper but without any reference to concrete metrics. It is available at: Similarly to the case of the knowledge model, the quality attributes of the model are formally defined again via different levels of abstraction, when relevant.

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