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PaaS Orchestration and Adaptation

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Problem Description

PaaS abstraction is still an open and on-going topic in current research. It can drastically decrease costs, by e.g. sharing infrastructure of public PaaS providers to host an application. Therefore, the integration of a PaaS abstraction into the Cloud Provider Engine is of major interest for CloudSocket. See Deliverable D3.3 for a research on current Cloud Orchestration Tools and their state towards PaaS services and provider integration.

Solution Approach

Our solution for this is two-fold: (i) enhancing the application and component instance life-cycle by PaaS-specific activities, and (ii) integrating and developing the PaaS Unified Library (PUL) into the Cloud Provider Engine, which is powered by Colosseum.



The communication to the cloud provider is ensured by the PaaS abstraction layer “Dagger”, which is the higher-level pendant to Sword, the IaaS abstraction layer. This layer unifies the API calls to different Cloud providers.



Video Presentation

A video is available on YouTube.


For more details on this, please check the respective repositories:

Research branch of Cloudiator/Colosseum

Adaptation Management component repository

Also please refer to the wiki pages:

Adaptation Management

Unified PaaS component

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