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AXE Adaptation Framework

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Research Problem

Current Cloud Orchestration Tools have either too simplistic or too verbose methods of adaptation descriptions. Commercial tools have mainly simple approaches of adaptation, such as container scaling, and research-driven tools suffer of too loosely described methods that are hardly usable for the average customer. An example for the latter is the BPMN integration into TOSCA to describe workflow, for which the user has to implement the classes on their own.

Solution Approach

We aim for an integrated component, that holds the CAMEL adaptation plans, which targets our requirements as described in D3.3. We are sure that we achieve a more useable approach than generic BPMN workflows, as our approach is very specific to the cloud. The Axe adaptation approach furthermore targets to be integrated as loosely coupled component that can be added to the Cloud Provider Engine / Cloudiator without changing internals.


[Picture of Adaptation Management, Axe [MS] and how they communicate] The Adaptation Management component was integrated with the Axe component of the Cloudiator framework in a loosely coupled way. The figure above shows the integration into the components. As any other external component it uses the REST interface of Colosseum and changes the entities as described in the adaptation plans.


Deliverable D3.3 Deliverable D3.4


Adaptation Management

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