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Technology Approach

Due to the typical asynchronous nature of provisioning operations and the extreme variations in behaviour and purpose of each solution, CloudSocket adopts service-orientation and provides lifecycle phase-based APIs enabling the proper management of BPaaSes, i.e., business processes in the cloud, spanning the design, allocation, execution and evaluation of such BPaaSes. As such, via such standardised APIs and the adoption of standardised languages and formats, different phase-specific solutions can be interchanged based on the needs and preferences of the solution orchestrator, i.e., the CloudSocket broker.

A variety of technologies and tools will be used and offered to enable the extension and improvement of technical or consultancy services, including the following:
  • A Cloud Transformation Framework, which can be seen as a consulting service that can be exploited for checking the current organisation capability to move to the cloud, thus being complementary to the phase-specific business process management toolkits/environment in CloudSocket which enable this move.
  • Add-On components to the business process management toolkits offering, such as the automation of the selection of cloud services for a certain BPaaS that has to be moved to the cloud.
  • User and identity management solutions that can enable the smooth and interlinked operation of different solutions that can comprise the CloudSocket platform.
  • Cloud service discovery and orchestration tools which enable the allocation and execution of BPaaS services and could also be part of cloud middleware platforms.
  • Extension of existing model-driven platforms (like Livebase) to enable the complete modelling of the BPaaS allocation, including self-adaptation rules that can drive the self-adaptive BPaaS behaviour at runtime as well as SLAs.
  • SLA & monitoring solutions to keep an eye in a consolidated, cross-layer manner of the BPaaS performance delivered .
  • BPaaS evaluation tools enabling to obtain valuable business insights that can lead to the optimisation of BPaaSes.

CloudSocket value network components

To enable the managements of BPaaSes in the cloud, CloudSocket will rely on four main environments where technical contributions, in the forms of components, modules or complete environments, are expected:
BPaaS Design Environment
Maps a conceptual business process to an abstract workflow not yet allocated to become executable.
BPaaS Allocation Environment
Concretizes an abstract workflow by taking allocation decisions about which services will be used to realize a workflow task and to deploy the software components needed for the BPaaS at hand.
BPaaS Execution Environment
Orchestrates cloud services in order to support the deployment and execution of a BPaaS while monitors in a cross-layer manner the BPaaS to enable to pro-actively and re-actively adapt it in a coordinated manner.
BPaaS Evaluation Environment
Evaluates KPIs and supports their drill-down. Also offers the production of added-value knowledge for BPaaS optimisation based on conceptual analytics and process mining.

CloudSocket Tools

The tools section contains software prototypes and tools that are useful not only when implementing a CloudSocket Broker but also span across the lifespan of a Business Process (BP) and integrate seamlessly in a BP's lifecycle (execution, design, allocation & evaluation activity).

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