Demonstration: End-User Perspective

Demonstration: End-User Perspective

Christmas Cards Scenario

End-User Perspective

This demonstration showcases how the end-user interacts with the CloudSocket BPaaS Marketplace to search, review and buy a fitting BPaaS Bundle. Based on the decision of the end-user, the execution environment prepares all necessary components and deployments in the cloud and informs the end-user as soon as the process is ready to use.

Explanation is given on the steps performed by the execution environment, preparing the virtual environment, deploying and referencing the resources and artifacts according to deployment rules and notifying the user.

To conclude the demonstration, the end-user opens the deployed package, and runs the process.

Involved Roles

Radu as "Mr. Quim", the end-user on the marketplace

Daniel as the Execution Environment Engineer

Joaquin as "Mr. Quim", the end-user running the process in the cloud

Used Components

CloudSocket Marketplace

CloudSocket Execution Environment

Marketplace: Mr. Quimm wants to send Christmas Greetings to his Customers

MOTIVATION: Mr. Quimm wants to distribute to all customers a christmas card this year. As a founder, he is keen to have good customer relations to his early adopters and network, at the same time he is very busy to organize this activity. At an event, he learns about CloudSocket and the BPaaS idea. Interested in the topic, he logs into the CloudSocket marketplace:

After login, he searches for appropriate bundles and identifies a fitting one. As he wants to save money but still have anyone in his network messaged, he decides to go for the medium sized one, that will send greetings right away and fits to his needs. Mr. Quimm has the chance to view relates details of the bundle as a textual description and graphically. The respective marketplace information is provided as descriptions, tags, the bundle price and categories.

Mr. Quimm performs a checkout to his chart and buys the bundle. A notification window provides information on the deployment run that has been triggered, deploying the bundle and all related assets in the cloud. Mr. Quimm will be notified by email as soon as the deployment has completed.

Now we have a detailed look at the execution environment to see what has been triggered by Mr. Quimm's actions.

Execution Environment: Daniel the Cloud Provider Engineer provides a deep-dive into the infrastructure

MOTIVIATION: The deployment has been triggered by the interaction of Mr. Quimm with the marketplace. The deployment of the bundle is performed transparent for him, nevertheless we take a deep dive into the execution environment to understand the different steps of the setup happening on the backend. The cloud provider engine manages the deployment of the bundles and is responsible to return to the customer a running instance of the bundle.

The BPaaS Execution Environment will deploy the Software components over a infrastructure automatically (in our case OpenStack) and also setup related services in the infrastructure.

In the OpenStack monitor we can see that initially the instance is not yet ready. The deployment is performed by making services available in the instance, deploying the Workflow into the engine and integrating services with the workflow. Additionally the monitoring sensors are put into place.

Result: The bundle is deployed, in the OpenStack Monitor the new instance is available and can be accessed by Mr. Quimm.

Execution Environment: Mr. Quimm prepares the Christmas Cards and sends them to his customers. Merry XMAS!

MOTIVATION: Mr. Quimm receives the email with the confirmation and the link to execute the BPaaS bundle. He logs in and starts to execute the process by specifying the necessary inputs (image, text, receipient list).

The process executes and sends the custom christmas card to the recepients defined. Mr. Quimm is satisfied that he was able to run this process without additional effort and concludes the execution by providing feedback.

Christmas is done for 2015! How can the broker extend his BPaaS offerings in the marketplace?

Curious to see Broker perspective?

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