Understand, elaborate and further disseminate the BPaaS concept

Our Research Perspective

CloudSocket will advance the research in multi-cloud computing, business process / service management, by attempting to manage BPaaS by considering all the respective levels involved and simultaneously attempting to bridge the business to IT gap. The most interesting research directions that are to be pursued in the course of the project are the following:

  • Use & development of conceptual models, semantics-based methods and techniques to enable the alignment between business and IT level.
  • Exploitation of human-oriented and machine-oriented knowledge via conceptual modelling, conceptual analytics, semantic inferencing and process mining.
  • Mapping of business episodes to deployable solutions called bundles which wrap existing services or components and can be self-adaptively deployed in multi-cloud environments.
  • Semantic transformation employing concept matching techniques that address the data integration concerns inherent in the construction of workflows from heterogeneous services offered by cloud providers. Interaction between cloud services will be approached by elaborating on cloud service interfaces, wrappers and cloud service add-ons.
  • Discovery of services at different levels of abstraction, including BPaaS, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services so as to complete the design of BPaaS by also exploiting semantic annotation and matching techniques to automate parts of the design processes, provide significant assistance to the designer as well as accelerate the development cycle of BPaaS.
  • CloudSocket will expand the cloud lifecycle management functionality produced in related European projects for managing the complex orchestration of different types of services in multi-cloud scenarios.
  • Exploitation of existing methods as well as developing new approaches for multi-cloud and cross-layer monitoring and adaptation.


If you are interested in more research, you can browse all our publications which are available on Zenodo.

Project Deliverables

The deliverables section contains a list of all the project results, in terms of documentation. You can inspect all D3.X deliverables to find details about CloudSocket project research results.

CloudSocket Tools

The tools section contains software prototypes and tools that are useful not only when implementing a CloudSocket Broker but also span across the lifespan of a Business Process (BP) and integrate seamlessly in a BP's lifecycle (execution, design, allocation & evaluation activity).

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