Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

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What is CloudSocket?

Translates and wraps business processes into specific technical solutions (BPaaS) available in the cloud

The overall idea: CloudSocket covers the discovery, orchestration, deployment and execution of BPM services on the cloud. It represents a learning cycle which improves cloud individualization over time. With CloudSocket, the level of integration is lifted from the technical to the business level.

The project aspires to realize this vision by:
  • supporting the extraction of business - and IT experts' knowledge in a human and machine interpretable way and enable smart integration and translation between business and IT models
  • support the model-driven and knowledge supported resource allocation of cloud-based workflows
  • enabling intelligent execution of cloud-based workflows within a smart and adaptive BPaaS middleware
  • feedback the process monitoring results from Cloud level to business level thanks to semantic enrichment and conceptual analytics

CloudSocket value chain

  • Design

    Take a business need, see what business processes it determines (such as recruitment & selection, personnel induction, invoicing etc.); draw up its diagram, detail its requirements (build a thorough workflow). Check whether it can be moved or not in the cloud.

  • Allocation

    Assign all resources needed by the items(tasks) in the workflow and wrap everything in a bundle called BPaaS (Business Process as a Service).

  • Marketplace

    Put the BPaaS in the marketplace for you (the SME) to see, assess and (hopefully) buy. After buying a BPaaS bundle you can add your execution preference (such as when it should be executed, etc.)

  • Execution

    Take the BPaaS bundle bought, and trigger its execution, based on your preferences.

  • Evaluation

    Ask you to help us with your feedback, by filling in a short form. Based on your opinion as a customer, and our monitoring platform, we analyze and implement what can be done to make the cycle / the experience better.

This is how you can benefit from using our platform

Our Checklist

what we always keep in mind
Business Episode
Each business process represents a concrete business episode that characterizes the tasks that have to be performed. It covers the whole spectrum from structured routine processes to dynamic case management. The description of a business process is then mapped to a respective executable workflow.
Business Compliance
Legal issues like dealing with personal data or country-specific aspects about data storage are considered in this dimension. Properties like confidentiality, privacy or integrity as well as parameters like accepted failure rate or cycle times can be involved. All this information can be incarnated in the form of SLAs.
Quality / Costs
The usage of Cloud must be aligned with the strategy and the goals in the organization like cost savings or increased speed of innovation. However, the "right" services with the "right" pricing model need to be found.

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