Demonstration End-User Perspective

Demonstration End-User Perspective

Send Invoices

This demonstration showcases how the end-user interacts with the CloudSocket BPaaS Marketplace to search, review and buy a fitting BPaaS Bundle. Based on the decision of the end-user, the execution environment prepares all necessary components and deployments in the cloud and informs the end-user as soon as the process is ready to use. To conclude the demonstration, the end-user opens the deployed package, and runs the process.

Involved Roles

  • Golden Worm Start-up
  • Susan, Supervisor: a biologist, searching for an efficient way to send invoices
  • Robert, Accounting representative
  • Marc, Administrator
  • BWCON, Broker

Used Components

  • CloudSocket Marketplace
  • CloudSocket Execution Environment


CRM & InvoiceNinja