"Digitalize your Business"

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0-Digitalizing Business Processes

Motivate the need for Digital Transformation in particular the transformation of business processes into the Cloud.
Owner: BOC

1-BPaaS Design

Introduction on Business Process Management, and how it is used for digitalisation of business and business and IT Alignment.
Owner: BOC

2-BPaaS Allocation

Introduces how a business process in the cloud can be allocated to IT offerings.

3-BPaaS Offer

Introduction of the marketplace to understand how the BPaaS bundles are presented and sold.
Owner: YMENS

4-BPaaS Execution

Introduction on BPaaS deployment in a multi-cloud environment and the operation using workflows in multi-clouds.
Owner: ATOS

5-BPaaS Evaluation

Provide a high-level view of the BPaaS Evaluation Environment, the challenges and the proposed solutions.
Owner: BOC